ICT-INEX is a transnational project taken in scope of Erasmus+ Programme. We comprise of organizations from Poland, Finland and Austria. Our ultimate goal is to increase the accessibilty and effectiveness of training for professional driver candidates and professional drivers with the use of innovative ICT tools. We focus at strenghtening the recognition of the training methods based on these tools in the driver training industry by examining the increase of training efficiency that they provide.


We find a particular interest in addressing the shortage of workforce in road transport of goods and passengers by analyzing the needs, barriers and available solutions for overcoming the present situation. By specifying tailor-made actions we are willing to encourage the members of selected disadvantaged social groups to find a job in the haulage industry. In order to achieve this we put a special interest in implementing human-centered approach throughout the project.


We aim at sending our message, backed up with the results of research and pilot trainings taken in the project, to the professionals and authorities at different levels. This will significantly help in reaching the goal of the project, as the possible legislative changes will foster the process of implementing new training technologies into professional driver training at different stages.


Professional drivers are in the top ten professions, among which the employers have most problems in finding qualified employees. At the same time the insufficient professional qualifications among the workforce on the job market, rising requirements and negative image of this occupation escalate the shortage of candidates.

Although ICT-based tools are already deeply rooted in professional driver training, their wider integration in the training programme was hindered due to different reasons. A number of innovative, low-cost and widely-available multimedia devices which also have the potential of being utilized in such training have been recently introduced onto the market. We would like to investigate their potential in professional driver training in order to provide recommendations for integrating and blending these tools together, as well as with traditional training methods.

Road transport industry is constantly changing due to operational, legal and technological advancements. Therefore, drivers  should be provided with the training methods which take these issues into the account and are convenient for the needs of both driving schools and self-education.

There is a number of defavorised groups on the job market (NEETs, 50+, immigrants) which could fill the shortage of professional drivers on the market if addressed properly. Therefore, we find it important to examine how the training could  adapted to individual needs, so it can result in one's successful entering the job market.


ICT-INEX will result in introducing a complementary, ICT-based training model containing a set of methods, guidelines and tools. The model will derive from stakeholder-based feedback as well as the analyzes and pilot tests conducted by the Consortium members in their countries.

Additional effort will be put in introducing recommendations for changing both national and EU law. They will aim at increasing the training efficiency, widening its availability and legal identification of innovative ICT-based training tools and approaches.