ICT-INEX consortium consists of organizations which participate actively in actions related with professional driver training at different levels. It comprises of the entities with a well-established position and recognition in their countries of origin. Consortium members are involved in exploring the opportunities and challenges facing the innovative driver training methods on a daily basis. Since we represent different European countries we are able to confront different training approches with the benefit for the final project outcome.

Project coordinator: Arkadiusz Matysiak

Email: arkadiusz.matysiak(at)

Phone number: +48 22 4385 492

Contact person: Aarno Lybeck

Email: aarno.lybeck(at)

Phone number: +44 7143 763

Contact person: Viktor Fleischer

Email: fleischer(at)

Phone number: +43 1 5850915 51

Contact person: Jacek Skalny


Phone number: +48 784 065 942