This section provides the access to the public project deliverables. Results of each stage of ICT-INEX will be available for download, as soon as they are officially released. Please keep checking this page for updated public project results.

Deliverable 2.1 - Guidelines for the integration of simulator-based training with other PD candidate training methods

Viktor Fleischer, 3s research laboratory, April 2017

This document contains the results of the research activities taken in scope of Intellectual Output 2. It investigates the pathways of becoming a professional driver as well as reveals the current extent of use of simulator-based training, e-learning and innovative ICT-based tools The deliverable also gives an insight at the situation of Project's target groups - NEETs, people 50+ years old and immigrants. Finally, it aims to present the guidelines for the integration of simulator-based training with other methods used for professional driver candidate training in Partner countries and the EU.

Deliverable is available in the following language versions: EN, DE