December 16, 2016

September 1, 2016

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2nd ICT-INEX conference is approaching

May 6, 2019



The conference will be held in PL and EN. Interpreter will be available on site.

Current situation in the transport industry faces both driver training centres and transport companies with the challenges related to the professional driver education. Constant technology development, changes in law and the evolution in driver responsibilities result in continuous increase of the requirements for the individuals willing to start or continue their work in this profession. At the same time, the number of candidates has been constantly decreasing and the candidate's profile has been evolving.

Deepening professional driver deficit leads to the situation in which the newly-appearing candidates are expected to finish the training and start working as soon as possible. In the meantime, the transport industry is counting on high quality training which will allow to answer the actual challenges facing present professional drivers. Additionally, an extreme competitiveness on the driver training market hinders investing in the equipment which could increase training quality.

The main goal of ICT-INEX project is to indicate how to cope with the challenges facing the professional driver training and the whole training industry by introducing the most modern ICT-based training tools. During the project we analyzed their influence in both the aspects of the individual training potential of each of them and combining them with other training tools for the sake of the increase in educational efficiency. As the project outcome, we provided the guidelines on how to use each of the ICT-based training tools and in which training areas should they be used in order to fully exploit their potential. One of the tested technologies was VR – virtual reality. We thoroughly analized it with regard to its implementation in daily professional driver training praxis. We took into account its educational efficiency, economic efficiency and the attitudes of the trainees towards this technology. During the conference we would like to share with you the results of this analysis. The conference will be attended by the organizations which offer and use the VR technology in driver training already today. By presenting their experience we would like to bring you closer to the practical side of the VR-based driver training. We hope that the presence of training practicians and training VR software developers will allow to engage all the participants in the fruitful discussion and contribute to acknowledging the potential of utilizing this technology in professional driver training.

The event is free of charge. In order to register to the event, please send an email to the Conference Manager, Ms. Paula Razin, at

Conference invitation avaialble here.














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